Samsonic is an authorized dealer for DISH Network and DIRECTV. We specialize in satellite-based television products and services to residential and commercial end users. We also manage the installation of all equipment needed to utilize and view the satellite service.

On top of that we provide an array of high products ranging from home security and home entertainment. So with our spectrum of hardware and services its no wonder why Samsonic is a fast growing company built on customer satisfaction!


LCD and Plasma TV’s
Check out our inventory of LCD and Plasma televisions. The are top quality brands and out offered at highly competitive prices. With its stylish aesthetic design and incredible picture resolution, you won’t be dissapointed with these TV’s.

VoIP Communication
Call unlimited anywhere in the United States and China. VoIP gets you connected with friends and family at fractions of what it would narmally cost you. Also International calls outside of the free network are subject to the lowest cost per minute charges.


4 Rooms Free!
For a limited time, DirecTV is providing 4 rooms and free equipmen when you sign up with one of their packages. Pricing starts in the low 40’s per month!